Streamlined Divorce Solution

A divorce solution that saves you time and money

It starts with your family in mind

Some people want the luxury car version of a divorce costing them upwards of $100,000. Our team is not that. Instead, depending on your needs, we provide streamlined vehicles ranging from a 2-seater to a minivan. The streamlined divorce solution is customized to meet your unique needs without any excessive bells and whistles or hidden costs. 

We believe that divorce doesn't have to:

cost an unknown amount of money,

alienate co-parents making future decisions more difficult,

increase stress in the middle of a major life change,

arbitrarily divide assets and income without regard for your family's needs,

result in lengthy and costly litigation.


There is a better way:   Streamlined Collaboration


With streamlined collaboration, you and your partner agree to work with a collaborative team outside of the court. Our team consists of: two attorneys (one attorney is assigned to each of you), a mental health neutral, and a financial neutral who all work together instead of separate. That way, you won’t pay for the paper chase of discovery, depositions, and motions that drive up the cost as in a more adversarial proceeding. Plus, you will have an agreement that both of you can live with instead of a judge, that hasn't met your family, deciding how it should operate going forward.

Our family-friendly team works to find solutions uniquely suited to meet your needs. This streamlined process has a fixed number of settlement meetings with your professional team for a fixed cost. You choose how many meetings you think you will need so you can know the cost of the divorce upfront.  More meetings can be added if needed for an additional fee.


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Meet our Team: 



Carina Leeson

Carina is a collaboratively trained Family Law Attorney and Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator.  After almost 20 years of experience in family law matters, Carina believes that litigation should be a last resort and not a first choice.  The Collaborative Process helps families preserve their assets, protect their privacy and most importantly, prioritize family relationships.

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Cheri Hobbs

Cheri is a collaboratively trained Family Law Attorney with experience assisting high conflict cases, divorce and paternity matters, and settlement conferences within the family law field.  She applies her experience as a family lawyer to assist families in seeking a smoother and less conflict driven approach to creating a “new normal” in their families.   

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Cheri Hobbs
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Christine Hammond

Christine is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Parent Coordinator, Mediator, and a Collaborative Mental Health neutral. She specializes in personality disorders, high-conflict cases, and family trauma. As the mental health neutral, her job is to understand your unique family dynamics and goals, facilitate the meetings to ensure equal participation, and keep your agenda moving forward.  

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Megan Wolfe

Megan is a CPA, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst and Registered Financial Advisor. Her practice is primarily focused on tax, small business accounting, retirement planning and serving as a collaborative divorce financial neutral. As the financial neutral, her role is to assess and evaluate your current financial situation, offer suggestions that are consistent with your financial needs, and find creative solutions to meet your financial goals.

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